Friday, October 9, 2009

How to Blog Efficiently and Get the Most From Your Content

How to get the most mileage from your content Content in large part, is the vehicle of choice in today's Internet and is mostly about two things; information or communication (personal and social). There will always be a certain portion of the Internet reserved for business intranets and extranets but by in large we seem to feel that the best use of today's Internet is a global societal information share. How can we capitalize and monetize that as content writers, article writers and bloggers?

The best way that I have found to monetize content is to write content and publish information using the R.A.T content principle. Using this principle will ensure that you get the most mileage from the content that you work so hard to put together.

Relevant Content: The content that you publish to your audience has to be relevant to your audience. Don't publish content about cars to an audience that is in the health and fitness market. It might not upset them terribly but your not likely to get much viewer/readership. This precludes that you have done the proper research to identify what your audience should be and where to find them.

Accurate Content: Accuracy is fairly simple, I'll listen to anyone once but if I find out they are giving me incorrect information I'm not likely to listen to them again. If your content is not accurate it isn't IF your audience finds out your full of it, it is WHEN. It is so simple to have accurate content that there is no excuse for publishing inaccurate content. Simply write about the things that you know, if you aren't versed on a topic then don't write content about it. If you want to write about a topic that your not familiar with then commit to doing exhaustive research on the topic prior to writing about it and make sure to tell your audience that the content is only based on your own personal research. I would rather listen to an honest person that is occasionally publishes inaccurate content than a liar that I can't trust content from.

Timeless Content: I think 'content period' this is the most important part of the R.A.T principle. Your content needs to be as timeless as possible so it can be reusable. By that I mean that your content should be just as relevant and readable two years from now as it is today. Avoid trending/fad topics (unless you don't plan to reuse the content) that won't be relevant in a month or two. Refrain from referencing or using current events to illustrate your ideals. In two years, someone interested in your topic may be reading your content but won't be able to relate to it because you illustrate and idea by reference to an event in your time that the current reader was unaware of and then the message just gets lost.