Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taking Surveys Online: Earn a Handful of Money ?.....

On taking up an online survey, the very basic need of earning money is accomplished. By attending certain surveys for very few hours, a person is able to earn a handful of money. This proves to be more valuable than most other online jobs. Hence, the number of people attending surveys has reached new levels. A lot of people have taken the job of attending surveys as a part-time job and some even do it full time. Such is the amount of money that you earn through these jobs. Since a good means of income in this job requires clear understanding of each of the surveys that you attend, there is a compulsion that you attend them seriously and with care. Hence, you learn a lot through the surveys than the organizers learn from you. The amount of knowledge that you get through the surveys is a very good point of consideration when thinking of the benefits of the users achieved through online surveys and there are certain users who attend such surveys just as a means to develop their knowledge through the surveys. Are the surveys truly worth it? A major percentage of the people who attend an online survey, do it only on the context of earning money. When such people approach reliable survey websites, their motive is definitely met and they continue earning lots of money. Considering this particular reason, it can be concluded that taking up online surveys are really worth the time spent for it. However, in the case of false and spam survey websites
, the user ends up wasting a lot of his time for no cause. These create false impressions on the total job as a whole. Therefore, it appears as though the surveys are not worth the time spent on it. Certain other people attend surveys truly as a means to provide valid customer feedback to companies about their products. For such people, the ample amount of their valuable time spent on such surveys almost go useless since a large percentage of other people attend the same survey for money motive and their feedback considerably affects the total result of the survey. When the majority of people attending a survey are false or almost false, then the total survey tends to go wrong. The entire motive of the survey is hence wasted. This clearly proves that the online surveys are not worth it. Even though this continues to be a well known fact, more and more companies across the globe readily dump in a lot on money to get feedback of users through such surveys. The reason is that the feedback of legitimate users will help in analyzing and improving the products of the company. Such legitimate feedback is certainly worth the money spent for them. Thus, there are extreme reasons for the use and results of attending an online survey. Therefore, it cannot be arrived at a single solution as to whether a paid survey is worthy or not. Certain situations have proved them to be worth it and certain have not.